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C0de of Ethics

As an professional education agent, we have the responsibility to ensure our customer received services as provided and required by the Australian Government according to Agent Code of Ethics.

Agent Code of Ethics

Agent Code of Ethics Australia has a comprehensive international education and training quality framework to achieve this goal and is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of service and care is provided across its international education and training industry. A crucial part of this framework is the Agent Code of Ethics (ACE), which serves as a manual for the anticipated professional conduct of individuals and organisations dealing with Australian international students, parents, providers, and other agents in the industry. The ACE expands on the ethical framework of the London Statement and offers a set of "Standards" unique to Australia for use by Australia's education agents. The ACE also seeks to assist Australian education and training providers in fulfilling their National Code-related requirements.

The Agent Code of Ethics aims to:

  • Outline the principles and expectations of fair and ethical conduct of Australia’s offshore and onshore education agents

  • Foster best practice among education agents to assist them to provide quality services to potential and existing international students and partner providers

  • Provide assurances on the quality and standard of services provided by education agents recruiting into Australia

  • Build on Australia's globally recognised international education and training quality systems to further enhance the reputation of Australia’s education system.

Education Agent Code of Ethics

Australia’s Education Agent Code of Ethics is based on three core elements of:

  1. The London Statement’s Ethical Framework

  2. The London Statement’s Principles

  3. Australia’s Education Agent Standards

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