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Student Hostel

We can advice you where to find accommodation and assist you to find your budget accommodation.

Image by Joël de Vriend

Let’s us explore the  available options!

On-Campus House

On-Campus House is every student’s dream because it is near to institute however it have limited availability so we recommend our students to apply it in advanced. Depending on institute, the cost may ranged around $ 100 to $ 300 per week.


Residential Colleges

Usually residential colleges is a little bit expensive than halls of residence. Residential colleges will provide international students with meals, accommodation and also cleaning services, in the same time meeting academic and social needs. This is the reason why their price are expensive than halls of residence. They also provide meals and cleaning services and self-catering facility choices.

Hostel and Guest House Accommodation

Hostel and Guest House is less expensive compared to on-campus or homestay and cost around $ 90 to $ 160 per week. They provide some facilities like kitchen and bathroom and some self-catering services.


Rental Property

The other options can be picked by the students are renting a property in Australia. The most ideal way is sharing the property with approximately costing students $ 100 to $215 per week. A single rental will cost student about $ 180 to $ 450 per week.


However, student might need to buy some household furniture because some of the property not fully furnished. Student will need to pay month’s rent upfront which involving security payment.

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