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Privacy Policy

We advice our Customer to read and understand our Privacy Policy to prevent any misunderstanding during request for services from Us

1. Privacy Policy

  1. At Global Education Services, we make our customer’s privacy as priority and we dedicated to safeguard our customer’s personal information. No doubt that the information that we obtained from you are those information that important to you, however, it is sometimes required by the Australian Government during lodging an application. It is unavoidable that we must get the information from you, and we should take all safety precaution to protect and secure your personal information accordance with this privacy policy.

  2. Global Education Services Privacy Policy declare to you how we obtain, use, disclose, save, and protect your personal information.

  3. You agree that passing your personal information to us is give us your consent to us to collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with Privacy Policy and any other arrangements that might apply between you and Global Education Services.

  4. Global Education Services are subject to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We encourage our customers to check for update time to time to ensure you will be updated with current Privacy Policy.

  5. You are deemed to have consented to the changes on Privacy Policy after using the Website after changes in the Policy have been made.


2. Definition

In this Privacy Policy, we refer:

  1. Personal information represents the information that related to a specific person and can be used to differentiate that person which includes our customer’s information and type of information that described in clause 3.1 of our Privacy Policy;

  2. Privacy Policy represents current Privacy Policy (subject to change time to time);

  3. Global Education Services or us or we represents Global Education Services (202203266944- JR0140493-A) operating in Malaysia;

  4. Specific Service represents visa related services or matters, or enrolment related services.

  5. Website represents the website given Global Education Services that allows our customers to view services offered by Global Education Services; which given by our staff or representatives;

  6. You or Our customers represents the beings, organisation and firm (including You) that involved into a contract that required our arrangement and that we provide the services to you by Global Education Services.


3. Collecting your Personal Information

  1. Global Education Services will collect the type of information are below:

  1. Name;

  2. Gender;

  3. Address for mailing

  4. Contact numbers and emails

  5. Date of birth

  6. Passport and visa information

  7. Academic information (which including academic transcripts, English

  8. Language proficiency and all certificates);

  9. Our customer’s devices including computers, phones and connection information, statistics on page views, ad data, IP address, standard web log information and page interaction information;

  10. The information of the products and services that we, Global Education Services has given to you which requested by you, the customer requested including all the information needed to deliver which response based on Your request and Your enquiries;

  11. Any other additional information that related to you that you gave to us, Global Education Services directly from our Website, or indirectly when you are using the Website or any other websites or any accounts from which you as the customer allow us to collect the information;

  12. Personal information that our customer, or you given to Global Education Services through customer surveys;

  13. Personal information based on the customer’s activities on the Websites; or

  14. Any other information that required in order to make arrangement with us, the Global Education Services.​

2. Global Education Services will only obtain your personal information when we have your express or allowed consent or if the

    law otherwise permits it.

3. The types of important information that we might or may collect which involved:

  1. Ethnic or racial origin;

  2. Criminal records;

  3. Financial status (annual income and details);

  4. Medical records and health information which related to Your previous and current health status, previous and current medical conditions.

4. Global Education Services may collect the types of personal information either directly from You or your approved third parties which include any possible branches in the future.

5. Global Education Services may obtain your important information during You:

  1. Make registration when you browsing our Website;

  2. Request for a assistance or service from Global Education Services; or

  3. Communication with Global Education Services via chats, email or any other ways from other social applications, websites or Services.

  4. When the transaction between us and our customer is not complete, any personal information or contact details that obtained during the process of the services will be captured using a secure service.

6. If you give us your sensitive information, Global Education Services will keep information:

  1. Our customer give consent for the collection of the information and it might be necessary for the application or services or any other activities;

  2. Collection of customer’s information is required or authorised by or under Australian Law or tribunal order;

  3. Collect of customer’s information is authorised for the purposes which permitted under Privacy Act which include we suspect there exist of unlawful activity or misconduct which related to our business or services may be engaged in.


4. Use of Personal Information

  1. Global Education Services might collect, store, use and disclose Your personal information for the reasons not limited to as below:

    1. To contact You;

    2. To conduct Global Education Services business or to provide our Customer services which requested by our Customers;

    3. For our business operation, to protect, improve or optimisation of the website and Global Education Service’s user experience, which might include performing analytics, advertising, research and marketing;

    4. To give you services, administrative reminders, messages, support, updates, technical notices, security; alerts

    5. To deliver information that requested by our customers;

    6. For us to lodge the visa application requested by You;

    7. To apply to the institute requested by You for enrolment purpose;

    8. To lodge for a language proficiency application;

    9. Provide requested information which might include sensitive personal information to the education agents like us, education institutions or Department of Home Affairs;

    10. To allow us to provide You our marketing and promotional information that might drag your interest, which might send by Global Education Services or our partner companies;

    11. To allow us to investigate or to prevent any possible unlawful acts that might breach Global Education Services policies for the arrangements between us and You;

    12. To verify your information is accurate and further allow us to complete the services or application requested by you to us;

    13. To solve any legal obligations which include Global Education Services and you as our customer or any third parties;

    14. To manage the relationship between us and you which including giving You, our updates about our services that you requested from us or we response to Your enquiries;

    15. For any other purpose directed by You;

    16. For any other purpose authorised under Australian Law or any other law (if applicable);

2. By giving Global Education Services with Your personal information, You give consent to us (or approved third party referred      to in this Privacy Policy) use the information for the purpose stated in the Privacy Policy.


5. Access your personal information

  1. You are allowed to access the personal information that Global Education Services holds about You by contacting us using the information that provided on our Website. We might need to verify your identity when you request for your personal information.

  2. In certain circumstances we might not allowing you to access to all your personal information and we will inform you the reason. For examples the circumstances as below:

    1. If giving the access that leading to a serious threat to life or health of a person;

    2. It might cause undesirable impact on privacy of others;

    3. It might cause any unlawful activities under Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

  3. We will take all a reasonable periods to give the access within 30 days of Your request.

  4. We have the right to apply charges in the following documents that we prepare:

  1. Photocopying;

  2. Trying to access to electronic Databases;

  3. Any postage; or

  4. Any other costs that might need during access to the information that stored in the database.


6. Correcting your personal information

  1. You are welcomed to inform us if you find out that any information provided to us is incorrect and we will take reasonable measure to ensure that it is corrected.

  2. Customer can request Global Education Services to notify certain third parties for the changes to your personal information.


7. Fail to give personal information?

  1. You are not committed to give us Your personal information.

  2. You need to understand that failure of providing us the documents we required for the services you requested, it might cause the failure of the services or application you requested us to do.


8. Disclose of Your Personal Information

  1. Global Education Services may be required to disclose your personal information with the circumstances below:

    1. Department of Home Affairs when required to assist for application or services requested by You;

    2. Institute that you are interested or requested;

    3. Global Education Services staff and our partners;

    4. Third party suppliers and services providers;

    5. Contractors;

    6. Authorized agents or consultants;

    7. Web hosting providers and Informative Technology systems administrators;

    8. Debt collectors if You failed to make payment by the date given

    9. Previous or future agents, business partners or partners;

    10. Any sponsors;

    11. Any person that Global Education Services assets or business are transferred;

    12. Any authorised third parties by You to receive the information from Global Education Services;

    13. Any other bodies such as government agencies, regulatory bodies or any other enforcement agencies which permitted by law.

  2. Global Education Services might partner with third-party business which located overseas. There is a possible Global Education Services will disclose the personal information for the reason referred to this current Privacy Policy to bodies located overseas.

  3. When You give Global Education Services your personal information for the reason of a Specific Service on your behalf or on behalf of another person, Global Education Service may need to provide such personal information to immigration/visa or recruitment institutes You have chosen for the purpose of completion of an application for a Specific Service or providing other services to You. Global Education Services has limited control on how third party utilise, disclose or store your personal information. You will need to fully understand and agree the privacy practices or policies of third parties that contain your information in order to prevent them to misuse your details, it is very important that you understand and agree Global Education Services Privacy Policy regarding your personal information.

  4. Your acknowledgement and agree that Global Education Services give your Personal information to third party bodies as Your agent and not as the principal holder and even though Global Education Services will act in the protection to Your personal information, Global Education Services will not be required to make sure other providers to comply with applicable privacy laws, this Privacy Policy might be accountable for Your persona information which including but not limited to other provider’s use and disclose of Your personal information.

9. Opting out

  1. Global Education Services may directly message you with marketing and advertising products and services. This will be in form of emails, SMS or other means of communication that are protected by the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). If You wish to to op-out from receiving this marketing resources from us, contact us using the details outlined on the Website.

  2. You are given the choice to op-out of receiving marketing, advertising and promotional notices, offers and communications from us by clicking the unsubscribe link/button at the bottom of any Global Education Services’ emails to You or by emailing Global Education Services at

10. Using our Website and cookies

  1. Global Education Services may collect personal information about You when You use or access or browse the Website.

  2. We may collect information about Your use of the website, pages You visit or view and the time, date of Your visit and the internet protocol (IP) address assigned to Your device. However, we does not use browsing information to identify You personally.

  3. Global Education Services may also use ‘cookies’ or other similar monitoring technologies on the Website that help us follow up on Your website usage and record Your website preferences. Cookies are small files that store information on Your browser in Your computer, TV, mobile phone or any other internet connected devices. They facilitate the organization that placed the cookie on Your device to identify You across distinct websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions. You can disable cookies through Your internet browser but may not function as expected for You.

  4. By using, accessing and browsing of the Website, You give consent to Global Education Services storing cookies on Your devices and retrieving them when You return to the Website.

11. Links to other websites

  1. Global Education Services provided access to third-party websites, micro-sites or analytics tools (eg: Google) in the Website. We do not supervised or maintained those websites. Only associated companies have the authority for reference, evaluation, ancillary products and services sites/websites.

  2. The third-party websites are included in the Website exclusively for Your convenience. We does not affirm that the representation made on these websites are factual and reliable. We also does not affirm the accuracy or the safety of these websites.

  3. You have obligation to review the policies and practices of third-party websites before browsing them. We makes no assertions or assurances regarding to the privacy practices of any third-party websites.

  4. You acknowledge and agree that:

    1. To the extent authorized by law, Global Education Services cannot be held accountable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred by You as a consequences of using third-party websites; and

    2. Global Education Services cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party websites or the privacy policies or practices that applies on other websites.


12. Security

  1. Global Education Services may collect and record Your personal information in either hard copy form or electronic form.

  2. Global Education Services takes reasonable actions to ensure Your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. For example, Global Education Services has substantial firewall and thread detection system to monitor online traffic vigilantly and safeguard financial transactions. However, Global Education Services cannot ensure the complete security of Your personal information. By providing us with Your personal information, You acknowledge to use our services at Your own risks.

13. Making a complaint

  1. If You think Global Education Services has breached the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or wish to file a complaint about the unreasonable management of Your personal information.

  2. Approach us using the details outlined on the Website. Please include Your name, email address and telephone number as well as the nature of your complaint (with clear details). We will respond to Your complaint within a fair timeframe and need to comply to the Privacy Act 1988’s complaint policy.

  3. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner (OAIC), if You are discontented with our approach on the problem. For further information about this subject, please visit the website of OAIC (

  4. A privacy complaint refers to any concern or dispute that You have with Global Education Services’ privacy practices or policies as it applies to Your personal information. This could include matters such as:

    1. How personal information is cancelled;

    2. How personal information is retained;

    3. How this information is used or revealed;

    4. How access is provided;

    5. Any other matter covered by this privacy policy.

Further information

For further information about Global Education Services:

  1. Privacy Policy or practices;

  2. Obtain or amend Your personal information;

  3. Make a complaint

Please contact Global Education Services using the following details:

  1. Email:

  2. Phone No: +60 11-11119882

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